The backup cameras are mainly known as rear-view cameras or reversing cameras because they are specially designed to prevent backup crashes. These cameras are mostly used in over-sized vehicles such as trucks, buses, Lorries, trailers, etc. In big vehicles, the backup cameras play a vital role in providing safety to the driver and the people outside.
As a driver of any vehicle, your primary concern is to do safe and secure driving. For this purpose, backup cameras help you a lot. Most of the accidents are caused by big vehicles because they can’t see correctly on the truck’s backside. Then, collisions occur.  They give you and your car maximum safety and expand your vision beyond the image of the mirror.
If you are using the company’s vehicle as a job, you might be more careful about it. The primary solution to this problem is to buy a backup camera, which will help you keep your vehicle safe from any incident.
These cameras also aid you in parking your vehicle in a safer and better way. Reversing cameras allow the driver to get a more accurate view of objects behind the vehicle.
With modern technology, the backup cameras come with the latest features that enable the drivers to remain tension free during the journey. In this article, we have shortlisted the best-wired backup cameras which will help you in choosing the better one for your vehicle:

Coolwoo wired backup camera:

Suppose you are drivers searching for the best-wired backup camera with amazing features and adaptable design. In that case, Coolwoo Company’s back up camera is here. This camera works as an all-rounder because it has all the qualities you want in your vehicle’s reversing camera.
It has a big and awesome screen with high HD resolution and provides sharp images of the road. With the best processing units, this camera has superb results for the images you take on the road. It will help in catching any sign of accident before so that you can protect yourself.
With a pixel resolution of 733*493, the camera works well in any condition. It gives the best images even at night time, which are bright as daylight. The screen has DVD support and contains two video inputs, which makes your experience better.

Quick features:

  • Waterproof camera: This camera is created with sealed filling glue craft completely, which makes up the international standard waterproof level of IP68. It will help you even in extreme storms and severe weather and doesn’t get blanked in the rain.
  • Wide-angle camera: The camera is upgraded with a six-layer glass filter and comes up with the best-infrared vision of the night. This feature of a 175-degree wide-angle helps you watch all the roads’ sides and gives a bright view and great protection.
  • Color HD monitor: The backup camera with a super HD system of monitors confirms the best video experience with 800*480 high resolutions. The monitor auto-CH2 system will go on whenever you reverse, which helps you in perfect parking.
  • HD camera: This feature makes the backup cam most sophisticated, and CCD sensors make the images sharper and brighter. Six layered glass lens will help you in getting the perfect view of the journey.
  • Easy to install
  • Excellently versatile
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Long-life usage
  • Best quality
  • Low-quality wires

Coolwoo wired backup camera

Coolwoo wired backup camera

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DALLUX wired backup cam

DALLUX wired backup cam

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Fookoo DY901 backup cam

Fookoo DY901 backup cam

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Fookoo wired backup camera

Fookoo wired backup camera

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ZEROXCLUB wired backup camera

ZEROXCLUB wired backup camera

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Fookoo wired backup camera:

If you search for the following features, then Fookoo’s backup cameras prove to be the best for you. Firstly you want to keep an eye on the road while driving just to make sure your safety. Secondly, you want to park and reverse rapidly and safely without any collision or crash.
Additionally, you want your route more entertaining and secure, and you are a new driver. The Fookoo Company has experience of about ten years in cameras, and they know very well about the requirements of drivers of over-sized vehicles such as trucks and buses, etc.
They strictly test their cameras before bringing them to the market to ensure the customers’ safety. The camera has 9 inches big display, HD 1080p quality, easy connectivity, circular recording. It has the function of auto-dimming, which adjusts the brightness automatically.

Quick features:

  • Circular recording: The camera can record the video, which will help you in any insurance claiming as it provides the video proof. This protected feature will make your life and journey both safe and secure.
  • 170°-angle Camera: This camera is waterproof, and it comes with infrared lights that will help you drive at night. By giving the drivers of big vehicles; the best vision of the night, they make the journey comfier.
  • Split-screen display: The large screen with 1920*1080 pixels comes up with an additional split and dual-screen feature. This permits you to watch both screens simultaneously and gives more details of the road while driving.
  • Super big display: With a large screen of nine inches, you can easily watch the lines of parking or road signals or anything without the fear of any collision and accident.
  • Weather resistance
  • Super big display
  • Best night vision
  • Perfect for big vehicles
  • Assurance of quality
  • Not suitable for cars

ZEROXCLUB wired backup camera:

If you want a backup camera with the longest wires, then this product is best for you. It has dual cameras, one with about 50 ft. cable and 34ft cable. This camera is a versatile transmitter because it can be fixed anywhere near the turn signal & reversing light.
This backup cam is useful for all vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, camping cars, RVs, and even trailers. This cam provides you confidence and security for night driving by having 7 inches big HD display LCD screen and 1080p amazing resolution. It gives sharp images of the road.
The backup cam comes up with a digital processor for the image or video recording. With a 149 degree angle, this cam enables you to expand your vision across the roads and drive more safely. The space for storage is up to 32GB and has the function of auto-recording whenever you drive.

Quick features:

  • Catch all blind spots: the dual cameras; one side camera and the other the rear-view camera. Both of them help the drivers in watching the blind spots on the big seven-inch display screen. It will enable you to make the perfect reversing and parking.
  • Hawk vision: With the latest CCD sensors’ latest technology, this cam helps you identify the stones or lakes at night time. It has a nighthawk type of vision, and it is waterproof, which makes the journey safer.
  • Auto-recording:  the 32GB of memory enables this feature to work properly. Once you turn on the operation of video recording, the cam will automatically record every time. The running vehicle empowers this feature.
  • Dual camera: this cam has the feature of double cameras, which proves to be very useful to prevent any crash. Side and back views give you more safety on the road.
  • Long wired
  • Easy to install
  • Clear display
  • Flexible for vehicles
  • Best quality
  • Little bit expensive

ZEROXCLUB ERY01 backup cam:

This product is also from the ZEROXCLUB Company, which provides the amazing and best backup cameras in the online market. They are professionals in the field, and they know how to fulfill the big wheel drivers’ requirements. They have the best backup cams at an affordable price.
This backup camera has amazing and awesome features that can help you make your journey more enjoyable and safe. With this backup camera, you can easily do parking and reversing without the fear of any crash or collision. It is surely an effective waterproof reversing camera.
The camera is the feature of auto-dimming, which means that it can automatically adjust the brightness of the road’s images. It can easily make your image bright during the day and at night. It has a seven-inch display monitor, which is best, especially for box trucks.

Quick features:

  • No washout: With the help of CCD sensors, which give 100% true colors, this feature enables you to get the most bright and colorful images. It gives images without any Washout, and you can easily watch the sharp images.
  • Best quality cables:  They have the standard upgraded cables used for the backup cameras. The inside of the wires is made up of copper, which provides the best signal and gives long life warranty.
  • Upgrade lens: These have the Best international standard upgraded lens, which provides the road’s best images. It is waterproof, which helps you in any extreme weather or storms. This quality makes it unique.
  • Long-life:  These backup cameras have the best and standard cables and lenses. It has amazing features and processes that make this backup camera long-lasting and the best quality camera.
  • Amazing night vision
  • Simple to install
  • Best brightness level
  • Great picture quality
  • Four-pin cables
  • Best quality
  • Only for trucks

DALLUX wired backup cam:

The product of this company is a complete package with all of the amazing features. This backup camera can be used for every type of vehicle, including campus, motor house, pickup trucks, oversize trucks, camping trailers, dumpers, house trailers, and agriculture machines.
It gives its drivers the best safety measures during driving at any time, day or night. It has 18 infrared lights, which provide the best night visions, such as a hawk eye night vision. This backup camera is completely weather-resistance.
This camera features are strong and reliable, and it also provides shock resistance. This backup camera is mostly useful for trucks and oversize vehicles because it has a wide-angle of 130 degrees with no blind spots.

Quick features:

  • Sony sensors: This cam has the best company sensors with 976*494 pixels and CCD sharp processors. Without any deviation, it provides you the natural color images by having glass lenses of six layers.
  • Fully waterproof: This feature is of international standard IP69K. This rating of IP is the highest one. It means your backup cam will work no matter what kind of weather is ahead. It will surely work well in all conditions.
  • Eighteen infrared lights: With this much amount of infrared lights, the driver can easily watch around fifty Ft even in complete darkness. The hawk-eye vision gives the best view of every road while driving.
  • Pixel resolution: every image on the display screen is in digital form. Also, have DVD support, and a backup cam gives sharper images. Images from the rear-view can be turned by buttons-operation.
  • Widest angle
  • Excellent night vision
  • Fully waterproof
  • High-definition results
  • Easy to mount
  • Not attached to the dash

Fookoo DY901 backup cam:

The wired backup camera system kit is the 1st one that introduces 1080P technology for a backup camera system. It represents the high digital definition image. The processor installed in it will make your backing up data and images more confident and safe. It has a large 9-inch 1080P monitor.
Wired backup Camera system kit never has signal issues or Picture delay. This wired system is different from the unstable wireless products. The 9-inch monitor having good pixel allows you to see all details. The monitor size is larger than the common 7-inch screen in the market.
You can use the wired backup system easily. You can connect the cables with your car for the trailer and then easily remove the cables and system when the trailer period is finished. The package of the system includes all accessories and necessary things, which makes the installation easier.

Quick Features:

  • Quality Assurance: The voltage ranges from 9 to 36 V of direct current power. It is accommodated to a wide variety of large vehicles like trucks, trains, etc. When there is any problem occurs, you can ask for the service at any time.
  • 170° Camera with 18 Infrared Lights: Wired backup system has a twist; it has waterproof cameras with infrared lights. These lights make your driving safe in dark light. The feature of high and low-temperature resistance ranges from -4F to -198F.
  • Auto-Dimming & Parking Lines: The monitor system is planned in such a manner that it will automatically adjust the brightness. Its system is designed to not be super bright in the day and be dimmer at night.
  • Sharp CCD: if you have the backup cam with the CCD type of sensors, you will surely get excellent and bright results of the images. These sensors sense in a very sharp way and protect you in every difficulty.
  • Easy to install.
  • Super easy to connect
  • suitable for large vehicles
  • Auto-adjustable brightness.
  • It shows parking lines
  • Large monitor size

DALLUX truck bus backup cam:

The heavy-duty vehicle backup camera was first available in March 2017. The manufacturer of this backup camera is DALLUX with the model name of RCS7000, and its weight is 2.94 pounds and known as a lit bit heavy. It has amazing features, including an on/off button for mirror images.
The sensor for the image installed in the heavy camera is 1/3 “SONY Color CCD. This heavy backup system has an effective pixel of 976 x 494 resolutions. This level pixel in the camera system shows a good image with a resolution of 650 TV lines.
The heavy backup camera has an incredible operating system. The system is uniquely designed in such a way that it controls the temperature from 20 to 80 degrees centigrade. The output cable which is attached to the backup system is of four-pin aviation connector.

Quick features:

  • Completely waterproof: The heavy-duty Vehicle backup camera system has a waterproof system. The heavy vehicle has the highest IP rating system. The system is designed in a good way that it manages all the conditions with the proper establishment.
  • Eighteen infra-red lights: The backup camera will see up to 50ft in complete darkness. The night version is so adorable that it will be visible without any ambient light. The Automatic dimming feature dims the light at night and super-bright display in the day.
  • High Pixel Resolution: The monitor has a high pixel resolution of 800 x 480. It displays the digital image with a super sharp view. The rear-view pictures can be overturned by up, down, right, and left by buttons.
  • Wide-angle: The wide-angle will surely help you boarding your vision beyond the big roads as big vehicle drivers mostly drive on high ways. The chances of accidents reduce with this feature in the backup cam.
  • Easily control mirror image.
  • Ensures complete safety
  • It consists of 6 layers of a glass lens.
  • Ultra wide-angle.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Not easy to install


This list of best wired backup cams is made for the drivers of over-sized vehicles. We have explained each and everything of backup cams for the people who are in search of them. This article will be helpful for all those drivers who want the latest backup cam.
The best among all of the seven backup cams is of ZEROXCLUB Company backup cams. Their backup cams make up most of the best customer reviews and shown as top rated. This backup cam has all-rounder features that help a lot of their drivers on the roads.
With the best performance and features of backup cam, this product gives you complete surety of you and your vehicle protection. The weather-proof and wide-angle features make this cam unique and amazing than other back up cams. Whatever cam you choose, this blog will help you in any way.